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Putting Research into Practice


The Universities of Applied Sciences in Hesse

Hallmark of the five UAS. “Putting research into practice” is the hallmark of the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) or Fachhochschulen (as they are called in German) in the state of Hesse. ”Putting research into practice” is also the goal of a joint initiative of the UAS in Darmstadt, Frankfurt am Main, Fulda, Mittelhessen and RheinMain (the latter with campuses in Rüsselsheim, Wiesbaden and Geisenheim). The five public UAS have joined forces to promote their portfolio and services in applied research and development (R&D) as well as to attract new partners for cooperative research activities. The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts of Hesse.

Broad portfolio in applied R&D. The five UAS cover a broad portfolio of subjects and services in teaching and applied R&D. The subjects range from industrial and civil engineering, architecture, computer science, business administration, social work, health care, nutrition technology/sciences to viniculture. In line with their general mission of operating closer to the market the five UAS strongly focus on linking applied R&D with teaching in their Bachelor and Master programmes, thus providing benefits to students, professors and project partners alike.

Applied R&D at the five UAS is mainly funded by the regional as well as the federal government. Other sources of third party funding are the European Union, private foundations or commercial as well as non-profit enterprises or associations. At present, about 46.000 students are enrolled in Bachelor and Master programmes. Across the five UAS, more than 1.000 professors are active in applied R&D, teaching and further education. In the period between 2002 and 2009, approximately 1.600 R&D projects, technology transfer projects or consulting projects with a total volume of about 72 million Euros where carried out at the five UAS

Universities of Applied Sciences. UAS in Germany exist alongside traditional universities, which in general put more emphasis on basic research. The UAS in the state of Hesse were mostly established in the 1970s, although they all had institutional predecessors which were then merged into one academic institution. Although the UAS in Germany have slightly different missions and statuses, they can be compared to the Hogescholen (HBO) in the Netherlands, the Institutes of Technology in Ireland (IOT) or the Ammattikorkeakoulu (AMK) in Finland.

The general mission of a UAS in academic teaching, further education and applied R&D is to combine scientific and theoretical knowledge with practical application in professional life. In accordance with this mission, the R&D activities focus on development, evaluation and testing of prototypes, products and services for the profit and non-profit sectors.  

Learn more about us. If you like to learn more about the five UAS in Hesse or are interested in a R&D co-operation, then feel free to contact the project office or the local contact persons at the five UAS. Further international partners for joint research projects are appreciated.